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What’s gratifying on this occasion is the convergence on a mainstream Washington stage of so many potent actresses of Asian descent: The unifying adjective for their work, under the direction of Desdemona Chiang, is ferocious. Parasuraman makes of company head Priya a stately fount of arrogance and entitlement.

- Peter Marks, The Washington Post

Each actress is more formidable than the next: Parasuraman has a biting sharpness as Singh, and she plays nicely off Doo.

- DC Theatre Scene


Parasuraman etched some of the best moments I’ve experienced in theater this year as the indelible #8 in Studio Theatre’s surprisingly moving The Wolves.

- DC Theatre Scene

The entire cast is solid, but personal favorite moments include [...] any of the priceless utterances of Parasuraman’s #8, the goofy one who makes observations of the gloriously inane kind.

- DC Metro Theater Arts

In addition, put Shanta Parasuraman (#8) on the honor roll.

- Peter Marks, The Washington Post

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Parasuraman has the makings of a fine screwball comedienne.

- Metro Weekly


Shanta Parasuraman gives a quietly powerful turn as Manjit. While she mostly spends the play as an exasperated foil to Ian’s naïve dreamer, she adds needed steadiness as almost the only calm presence inside an emotional powder keg.


Parasuraman was the comedic genius of the show. The entire audience was laughing out loud almost every time she spoke a line. She played the role of simpleton so earnestly that she was practically loveable.

- DC Metro Theater Arts

- MD Theatre Guide

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